Baby #2 has come and grown, lol


Lol.  Someone is reading this blog.  Thanks! So here is my baby boy.

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A ‘solid’ 6 month old bouncing baby boy.  We are so thankful to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus for him.


Enjoying one of SC’s lake front





North to South


So….. We’ve moved to the South. Seems a good move…. Hubby’s job offered better paying position and after talking with me decided to jump on the offer. We are adjusting to the Southern swing of things. Waiting for baby #2 (7 weeks or so to go!)


Summer, so soon!


Last post was Spring…. a lot going on here.

Thankful for those who've sacrificed for us who are here now..... Especially our Lord Jesus Christ.

1) Expecting new baby boy sometime in Oct/Nov

2) Moved from North to South

3) Traveled a bit, very fun and exciting to see old family – like a reunion of sorts

4) Thankful for the blessings the Father gives.

5) Great 4th also!  Thankful for freedom in the US.  Most of all freedom by the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus to be reconciled to the Father, the only God.

Thankful it’s Spring!


That was what I would call a real Winter!   Good experience.

Now….. so excited to see the beautiful greenery, and in the coming weeks -the beautiful colors that our Creator has blessed us to partake of.

Adventures of….. substitute teaching


3rd job….. 3rd grade

Well….. teachers have a very tough job.  I thank God our Father for the good ones.  Their job is that much harder when parents don’t discipline their children.

Yesterday was rough.   3rd grade.   But thankfully I had help and was only there for about 2 1/2 hours…. First it came when the children had to go to “Special” which was Art today, so I had a moment to myself to straighten up papers, stuff homework folders, and eat my snack.  Then I went back early to the Art class to learn that the teacher there was a permanent sub in for the rest of the year.  She was having a tough time herself!  So, I didn’t feel so bad….. Back in class, it was like the knob was turned up to “We-have-a-sub!!!”  But after about 20 minutes of disorder the day ended!  Another teacher came in to help get the students to their buses.  By her statement, “This is the 2nd day I’ve had to come in here,” I gladly accepted her help.  Parents….. please discipline your children, it proves your love for them – “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. (Proverbs 13:24)

Then after walking them down to the front of the school, my day was supposed to be over, right?  Wrong.  I went back to tidy up, leave the absent teacher a note and in walks a couple of the students waiting for their ride…. One of the girls, tried to be helpful in class, but ended up hanging around the teacher’s desk too much…. I found out why after class was over.  Looking for something, dialouge went something like this:

girl, “I’m looking for something.”

me-sub, “What is it? I can help you.”

girl, “Here it is!”  In hand, the FREE DONUT card stack. “I put mine back in the rubber band to hold it.”

me-sub thinking, “I was not born yesterday young lady.” Aloud I smiled and said “I’ll write your teacher a note and let her give it to you,” and sent her on her way.  I wrote that note with a smiley face :-).

________________________ bottom line ________________________

The day with the children no one wanted to sub last week, Special Education Science, 8th grade was MUCH EASIER.  They were rather enjoyable, because they just want someone to listen to them mostly.  Oh yes, and the easy lunch duty I should have had when I got there was spent subbing for another sub (only 4th period)!  But that was fun, 7th grade Social Studies.  From the “couple” who had to sit on one another’s lap, me-sub, “Sit in your own seats.” Girl, “But we go together.”  Me-sub, “Sit in your own seats.” She said it again as I did, a little firmer – I won :)– to the lovable nerd who the others pick on because his head is stuck in a book (that was me when I was younger).

This day was fun! Yet challenging.

binding keepsakes….


Envelope book….. for those cute letters & notes, etc.  that we just can’t throw away.

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1st day of school!


First day of school! First day of school!  No…. just my first day at school, as a substitute.  Just me, with 22 six and seven-year-olds.  It was only for a few hours, which is all I could handle for my first day.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed their still-new-in-the-world humor.  I even enjoyed being pulled in way too many directions for the short time, because it was so short.  There was a helpful girl who also was the smartest one in class, but didn’t know it (good for her sake).  There was a wheelchair bound girl who was helpful in that soft-spoken way that makes people listen 🙂 and a little early-flirter (not with me, his girl classmates) who also gave me the truth at the end of the day when the other students failed to truthfully line up according to where they needed to be dropped off.

I loved the end of the day when asked by a cute, big, brown-eyed boy (little Mr. Flirty)  if I, “was going to give their teacher a good report about us?”  With a smile and a nod, we continued walking to drop him and a few students off to latch-key in the gym, then on to parent pick-up and then I watched the last few hop on the big, yellow school bus.  Wait, finally three girls who saw their parents in the car line to pick them up.

*Sigh* But a good one.  Now after cooking dinner, helping with homework and a little laundry I am thoroughly ready to relax…. Until tomorrow!  So thankfully, I am not feeling like the illustration below.

Good night.

from my craft table: Keepsake Box


A challenging, yet fun project!

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going backward to move forward….


Why oh why must we back peddle to move forward?!  I’ve been told because there was most likely something that we failed to learn….. I have found it true. An unrelenting truth, but needful.  I am reminded of this constantly living in MI where there is this thing called a “MI left”.  A MI left is where you have to pass the street you want to turn left on, because of the median separating the two-way streets (which are huge, some of them) then make a U-turn (where permitted) and then continue on to turn right on the street that is now on your right hand (which was the left turn, before you made your U-turn). Making any sense?  It does, please bear with me (if you’re like me and you had to re-read that, you just did what I am talking about!).  The key though is moving forward.

Well, it seems that the grace and mercy of our Heavenly Father, by his Son, certainly gives us plenty of opportunity to do just that -if we can admit the need for it (the hard part).

moving on


Found this surfing the net.

yes I am still here…..


Visiting family in the Lone Star State.



a portrait…. of me & for me


drawn by my cousin’s 4-year-old daughter, Maraina.   And signed, too!  When I asked her who was it of, she said, “Of you!”  I love it.



So the chiropractor deal is not so hot…. upside is they care about fixing you to the point of not complying with HMO’s guidelines of treating the patient by HMO standards.  The downside is they want more money than you’d spend if you just went with the treatment your insurance covers (like HMO standards). We wanted to allow the insurance that my husband pays for to benefit us somehow. My son, with asthma meds is the one who uses it the most.

So my son is the only one getting treated thus far.  I will try to find something comparable to the head-weights the chiropractor’s office uses for home use for myself and my husband….  And keep my posture straight.  Many a good article on posture and the importance.  I believe as the generations progress, some good practices are left alone more and more.  Some do improve also, please don’t mistake me.

tv & blogging: image search


It is just not possible to watch Pride & Prejudice and blog….. so an interesting color wheel over @ another creative wordpress site.  I love the attention to detail.

And this heart of color from Sew Liberated along with a real life account that will touch your heart.

image search: forgot what I was searching this time….


forgot what I was searching this time…. but came across this cool fish bowl by one Alessandra Baldereschi of Milan with some other innovative finds.

Just dessert for me this year, thankfully so


I think I had it easy this year, thanks to the generosity of my cousin & her husband, and the other church family that attended.  It was delicious.  On the menu:  turkey wings, collards, green beans, rice & gravy, ham, rolls, sweet potatoes & pumpkin bread/cake.  “Give thanks, with a grateful heart…. give thanks, to the Holy One…. For he has given Jesus Christ, his son…. Give thanks.”

Tried this delicious recipe from @ My Cottage of Bliss!  I used fresh pumpkin, because I love fresh, roasted pumpkin seeds, yum.

My version: Cupcakes! I squeezed the delicious icing out of a sandwich bag.


And of course: also made my mother’s version of pumpkin bread that my son will not allow me to forget to make.



cool find: hanging bunks


Cool find @ the Bumber Crop, another creative type’s wordpress site.



Mothers…. have hopes & dreams too.   Sometimes they only get to half of them, the other half they hope to see lived out by their children.  Be thankful for your mother, for what she has taught, tried to teach, or is teaching you.  Love her, be kind to her, remember she too was once like you…. young & full of ambition, some confusion, & maybe some focused direction. She too, was guided by someone.  Be kind to her…. the same to your Father.

~various family members & life experiences

cool find: modern doll house


Found in this article.