giving instruction: tutoring


So I recently started tutoring a grade school child (first “official” tutoring job….).  The  father of the child came looking for someone to help his son read.  So…. on a whim, after talking with my husband, decided to try it.  (Background in a nutshell: always chided {in fun, maybe sometimes annoyance} by my family that my son has an English teacher for a mother, etc.).

So after the first two sessions with the child, I find that the father wants me to read for the child so he can finish 3 chapter books by the end of the month.  (Uh hmm, what’s going on?)  Well, after trying to explain nicely that I would not be tutoring if I just read to him, decided to reassess the situation.

I switched from the books he or his father had chosen to books more on his level, the I CAN READ 2 Frog and Toad series. Found the same books I used to read to my son, given to me by someone (bless them) and the boy liked the stories & read 3 chapters in one session!  So, we are still meeting.  Thank God for wisdom about the matter.  Onward we march…. to Progression.


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