giving instruction: update


Days With Frog & Toad

The boy from previous post is a second grader with a history of seizures which are now under control.  His father told me he needed help with reading.  His mother told me of his health history & developement since.   He is advanced in math but slow in reading & writing.  How I love handwriting. There is something just plain simple & awesome about being able to read what someone, or yourself even, wrote!  Well, he is a bright boy.  Happy & pleasantly funny personality, has the light-hearted jokes to prove it.  Well, remember his father said he needed to finish 3 chapter books by eom?  Well, thankfully, we accomplished that last week!

So, I decided to try something different today.  I brought my son along to tonight’s tutoring session, since he enjoys library outings.  My son & my temporary pupil read two pages alternately, which brought great delight to him (my pupil)!  He said, “I am reading much better with him than with you!”  He was, so we kept it up, & finished the entire book to my delight.  My son likes to teach him the tidbits he’s learned also (i.e. short vowel without a silent ‘e’, long vowel with a silent ‘e’….  And surprisingly, my pupil doesn’t mind much an older child teaching him, well, a few things.

Onto handwriting…. Handwriting will be another journey for my young temporary pupil & myself. He now only wants to read.  Better is the patient in spirit, right?


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