from my craft table: pillows


When I first started sewing…. I didn’t want to discourage myself so I thought I’d try things with straight lines.

Thus, we have decorative pillows.  My mother, mother-in-law, & grandmothers all sewed & some still do.  I wasn’t much of a seamstress growing up although I do remember my mother teaching me how to sew a pillow closed with a slipstitch.  Even with all of that background it was not until my husband & I married that he bought my first sewing machine.  Suddenly going from a busy single mother to a busy wife & mother did the old past-time hold my  interest.

I was blessed to have been able to share some of the things I’d just learned and was learning with my mother-in-law before she died (to live again) last month. Not only did her encouragement help me, but hearing from my husband, father-in-law & her mother of her own past creative endeavors…. some of which I have to hold and keep.  I hope to see her in the ressurection from the dead when Christ shall come to reward them that love his appearing.

Like anyone who sews knows…. It has been a seam-ripping, finger-poking, re-stitching but exciting adventure! Nonetheless, I am enjoying it.

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