Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight….


Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight….

Through unwise eating habits I once put my body through a vigorous roller coaster ride of non-intentionally making my blood sugars go crazy (up & down & all around)…. Now I must let others know the importance of eating breakfast, a.k.a. “The Most Important Meal of the Day”.  I was advised by my doctor to basically cut out “bad eating habits” (i.e. too many sweets, too much processed fast-foods, & skipping meals).  So, I did after fear of avoidable health concerns loomed in my future.  (There are some things we will just have to go through in life), this was something I could deal with. And do you know what happened?!  After eating breakfast (not an easy task from bad habits) and eating healthier, I lost weight!  I also felt more energized and less fatigued.

Since I’ve been frequenting Panera Bread I came across a nice article among others which are straightforward and to the point.


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