trip to the Chiropractor


Some months back, my husband’s grandmother was regularly visiting a chiropractor.  They try to educate the patient (and whoever is along for the ride) so, I learned a few things & was able to watch her get adjusted.  She kept hinting that it might help my too-frequent headaches, which I did consider.  What held me back was part fear & part “How much is this going to cost us out-of-pocket?”

Well…. last week on a visit to Wal-Mart I was asked by a nice young lady if I would like to get a free back/neck check-up…. I said, “No thank you, that’s okay,” & started to walk out.  I’d had a headache on & off that day, & the pain not-so-politely tapped me on my neck, reminding me of the conversations my husband & I had about possibly visiting a chiropractor.  So, I had the neck scan done.  It showed that I was in pain…. If I hadn’t that annoying reoccurring headache that morning, I probably wouldn’t have believed that scan.

Well, at our 1st visit they did the scan again (just like the one in this link), and concurrent with the way I felt, it showed little pain but still a problem.  We had x-rays taken.  The next day…. They discussed what they found and gave us our 1st adjustment.  I was nervous, so my husband went 1st.  I turned my head when they popped his neck.  So I braved it and went next.  Do you know what?  I felt better after he adjusted me!  So, Lord willing will start & continue to feel favorable results.  Check out this cool 3D Spine Simulator. It also shows you good/bad posture, etc. Love this!


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