So the chiropractor deal is not so hot…. upside is they care about fixing you to the point of not complying with HMO’s guidelines of treating the patient by HMO standards.  The downside is they want more money than you’d spend if you just went with the treatment your insurance covers (like HMO standards). We wanted to allow the insurance that my husband pays for to benefit us somehow. My son, with asthma meds is the one who uses it the most.

So my son is the only one getting treated thus far.  I will try to find something comparable to the head-weights the chiropractor’s office uses for home use for myself and my husband….  And keep my posture straight.  Many a good article on posture and the importance.  I believe as the generations progress, some good practices are left alone more and more.  Some do improve also, please don’t mistake me.


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