1st day of school!


First day of school! First day of school!  No…. just my first day at school, as a substitute.  Just me, with 22 six and seven-year-olds.  It was only for a few hours, which is all I could handle for my first day.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed their still-new-in-the-world humor.  I even enjoyed being pulled in way too many directions for the short time, because it was so short.  There was a helpful girl who also was the smartest one in class, but didn’t know it (good for her sake).  There was a wheelchair bound girl who was helpful in that soft-spoken way that makes people listen 🙂 and a little early-flirter (not with me, his girl classmates) who also gave me the truth at the end of the day when the other students failed to truthfully line up according to where they needed to be dropped off.

I loved the end of the day when asked by a cute, big, brown-eyed boy (little Mr. Flirty)  if I, “was going to give their teacher a good report about us?”  With a smile and a nod, we continued walking to drop him and a few students off to latch-key in the gym, then on to parent pick-up and then I watched the last few hop on the big, yellow school bus.  Wait, finally three girls who saw their parents in the car line to pick them up.

*Sigh* But a good one.  Now after cooking dinner, helping with homework and a little laundry I am thoroughly ready to relax…. Until tomorrow!  So thankfully, I am not feeling like the illustration below.

Good night.


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