Adventures of….. substitute teaching


3rd job….. 3rd grade

Well….. teachers have a very tough job.  I thank God our Father for the good ones.  Their job is that much harder when parents don’t discipline their children.

Yesterday was rough.   3rd grade.   But thankfully I had help and was only there for about 2 1/2 hours…. First it came when the children had to go to “Special” which was Art today, so I had a moment to myself to straighten up papers, stuff homework folders, and eat my snack.  Then I went back early to the Art class to learn that the teacher there was a permanent sub in for the rest of the year.  She was having a tough time herself!  So, I didn’t feel so bad….. Back in class, it was like the knob was turned up to “We-have-a-sub!!!”  But after about 20 minutes of disorder the day ended!  Another teacher came in to help get the students to their buses.  By her statement, “This is the 2nd day I’ve had to come in here,” I gladly accepted her help.  Parents….. please discipline your children, it proves your love for them – “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. (Proverbs 13:24)

Then after walking them down to the front of the school, my day was supposed to be over, right?  Wrong.  I went back to tidy up, leave the absent teacher a note and in walks a couple of the students waiting for their ride…. One of the girls, tried to be helpful in class, but ended up hanging around the teacher’s desk too much…. I found out why after class was over.  Looking for something, dialouge went something like this:

girl, “I’m looking for something.”

me-sub, “What is it? I can help you.”

girl, “Here it is!”  In hand, the FREE DONUT card stack. “I put mine back in the rubber band to hold it.”

me-sub thinking, “I was not born yesterday young lady.” Aloud I smiled and said “I’ll write your teacher a note and let her give it to you,” and sent her on her way.  I wrote that note with a smiley face :-).

________________________ bottom line ________________________

The day with the children no one wanted to sub last week, Special Education Science, 8th grade was MUCH EASIER.  They were rather enjoyable, because they just want someone to listen to them mostly.  Oh yes, and the easy lunch duty I should have had when I got there was spent subbing for another sub (only 4th period)!  But that was fun, 7th grade Social Studies.  From the “couple” who had to sit on one another’s lap, me-sub, “Sit in your own seats.” Girl, “But we go together.”  Me-sub, “Sit in your own seats.” She said it again as I did, a little firmer – I won :)– to the lovable nerd who the others pick on because his head is stuck in a book (that was me when I was younger).

This day was fun! Yet challenging.


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