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binding keepsakes….


Envelope book….. for those cute letters & notes, etc.  that we just can’t throw away.

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from my craft table: Keepsake Box


A challenging, yet fun project!

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going backward to move forward….


Why oh why must we back peddle to move forward?!  I’ve been told because there was most likely something that we failed to learn….. I have found it true. An unrelenting truth, but needful.  I am reminded of this constantly living in MI where there is this thing called a “MI left”.  A MI left is where you have to pass the street you want to turn left on, because of the median separating the two-way streets (which are huge, some of them) then make a U-turn (where permitted) and then continue on to turn right on the street that is now on your right hand (which was the left turn, before you made your U-turn). Making any sense?  It does, please bear with me (if you’re like me and you had to re-read that, you just did what I am talking about!).  The key though is moving forward.

Well, it seems that the grace and mercy of our Heavenly Father, by his Son, certainly gives us plenty of opportunity to do just that -if we can admit the need for it (the hard part).

moving on


Found this surfing the net.

Just dessert for me this year, thankfully so


I think I had it easy this year, thanks to the generosity of my cousin & her husband, and the other church family that attended.  It was delicious.  On the menu:  turkey wings, collards, green beans, rice & gravy, ham, rolls, sweet potatoes & pumpkin bread/cake.  “Give thanks, with a grateful heart…. give thanks, to the Holy One…. For he has given Jesus Christ, his son…. Give thanks.”

Tried this delicious recipe from @ My Cottage of Bliss!  I used fresh pumpkin, because I love fresh, roasted pumpkin seeds, yum.

My version: Cupcakes! I squeezed the delicious icing out of a sandwich bag.


And of course: also made my mother’s version of pumpkin bread that my son will not allow me to forget to make.



cool find: hanging bunks


Cool find @ the Bumber Crop, another creative type’s wordpress site.

cool find: modern doll house


Found in this article.

from my craft table: sneak peak @ REORGANIZATION


Remember my previous post about Getting Organized. Well after some more decoupaging / modPodge, on a journey to REORGANIZATION…. Full steam ahead.

More to come….

image search: decoupage projects TO DO….


Searching for inspiration and motivation, came across this cute project or gift idea and “Oh-my-what-an-easy-and-affordable-project!”  Filed away under “Hope to Do“.

update: yellow toile fabric


From my previous post found in the fabric aisles.  His and hers chair cushions.

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from my craft table: pillows


When I first started sewing…. I didn’t want to discourage myself so I thought I’d try things with straight lines.

Thus, we have decorative pillows.  My mother, mother-in-law, & grandmothers all sewed & some still do.  I wasn’t much of a seamstress growing up although I do remember my mother teaching me how to sew a pillow closed with a slipstitch.  Even with all of that background it was not until my husband & I married that he bought my first sewing machine.  Suddenly going from a busy single mother to a busy wife & mother did the old past-time hold my  interest.

I was blessed to have been able to share some of the things I’d just learned and was learning with my mother-in-law before she died (to live again) last month. Not only did her encouragement help me, but hearing from my husband, father-in-law & her mother of her own past creative endeavors…. some of which I have to hold and keep.  I hope to see her in the ressurection from the dead when Christ shall come to reward them that love his appearing.

Like anyone who sews knows…. It has been a seam-ripping, finger-poking, re-stitching but exciting adventure! Nonetheless, I am enjoying it.

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image search: more color wheels


The Basics

More great ways to GET INspired: here are a few creative color wheels

A Beautiful quilt found @ Creative Sewing projects, cute model too =)

This pincushion caddy found @ BurdaStyle studio of Ms. Pretty Please who kindly gave me the pattern via email…. hope to get to this project one day Lord willing.

from my craft table: mod podge flower fun


Mod Podge flower fun

As you can see from the start-up picture, I only intended to decorate the clipboard and 1 wood clothes pin.  Well, I really liked the paper.  So I ended up with 2 wood clothespins, a pencil holder (painted food can), metal mailbox, door hanger, mini notes & envelopes, and a painted & decoupaged box.  Fun for a little girl’s desk. For Sale @ My Etsy Shop

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Technique: paint & decoupaged scrapbook papers

muse: traditional writing 


The Art of Letter Writing

In this age of fast messaging with e-mails and other electronic devices, the art of letter-writing is being lost. This is most unfortunate. Every well-bred young man should know how to write a letter, and have the proper writing materials to do so. There is no substitute for the handwritten thank-you letter, condolence letter, or nicely scripted invitation, acceptance or regret.


from my craft table: inspiration project


Need something to inspire you to Get Crafty?

Table-top ironing board covers & French memo/inspiration/photo/memory boards, with satin ribbon & tacks

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