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Just dessert for me this year, thankfully so


I think I had it easy this year, thanks to the generosity of my cousin & her husband, and the other church family that attended.  It was delicious.  On the menu:  turkey wings, collards, green beans, rice & gravy, ham, rolls, sweet potatoes & pumpkin bread/cake.  “Give thanks, with a grateful heart…. give thanks, to the Holy One…. For he has given Jesus Christ, his son…. Give thanks.”

Tried this delicious recipe from @ My Cottage of Bliss!  I used fresh pumpkin, because I love fresh, roasted pumpkin seeds, yum.

My version: Cupcakes! I squeezed the delicious icing out of a sandwich bag.


And of course: also made my mother’s version of pumpkin bread that my son will not allow me to forget to make.