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going backward to move forward….


Why oh why must we back peddle to move forward?!  I’ve been told because there was most likely something that we failed to learn….. I have found it true. An unrelenting truth, but needful.  I am reminded of this constantly living in MI where there is this thing called a “MI left”.  A MI left is where you have to pass the street you want to turn left on, because of the median separating the two-way streets (which are huge, some of them) then make a U-turn (where permitted) and then continue on to turn right on the street that is now on your right hand (which was the left turn, before you made your U-turn). Making any sense?  It does, please bear with me (if you’re like me and you had to re-read that, you just did what I am talking about!).  The key though is moving forward.

Well, it seems that the grace and mercy of our Heavenly Father, by his Son, certainly gives us plenty of opportunity to do just that -if we can admit the need for it (the hard part).




Mothers…. have hopes & dreams too.   Sometimes they only get to half of them, the other half they hope to see lived out by their children.  Be thankful for your mother, for what she has taught, tried to teach, or is teaching you.  Love her, be kind to her, remember she too was once like you…. young & full of ambition, some confusion, & maybe some focused direction. She too, was guided by someone.  Be kind to her…. the same to your Father.

~various family members & life experiences

muse: ‘BORED’ games



My son says to me, “I know 2 reasons board games are called board games; #1 is because they’re played on board & #2 is because they’re played when you’re bored.” So, we played Trivia Pursuit Junior…. I won again (from the last time we played) & was accused of cheating (huh :0).  We had fun :).