trip to the Chiropractor


Some months back, my husband’s grandmother was regularly visiting a chiropractor.  They try to educate the patient (and whoever is along for the ride) so, I learned a few things & was able to watch her get adjusted.  She kept hinting that it might help my too-frequent headaches, which I did consider.  What held me back was part fear & part “How much is this going to cost us out-of-pocket?”

Well…. last week on a visit to Wal-Mart I was asked by a nice young lady if I would like to get a free back/neck check-up…. I said, “No thank you, that’s okay,” & started to walk out.  I’d had a headache on & off that day, & the pain not-so-politely tapped me on my neck, reminding me of the conversations my husband & I had about possibly visiting a chiropractor.  So, I had the neck scan done.  It showed that I was in pain…. If I hadn’t that annoying reoccurring headache that morning, I probably wouldn’t have believed that scan.

Well, at our 1st visit they did the scan again (just like the one in this link), and concurrent with the way I felt, it showed little pain but still a problem.  We had x-rays taken.  The next day…. They discussed what they found and gave us our 1st adjustment.  I was nervous, so my husband went 1st.  I turned my head when they popped his neck.  So I braved it and went next.  Do you know what?  I felt better after he adjusted me!  So, Lord willing will start & continue to feel favorable results.  Check out this cool 3D Spine Simulator. It also shows you good/bad posture, etc. Love this!


from the www: design


muse: same difference?


My son heard someone say, “Same difference.”

“Mom, how can a difference be the same?”  Ahh, youth.  I’ll allow  him time to  figure this one out….

let us remember and be thankful


Remembering those who have fought, are fighting, and will fight for the freedom we at times take for granted….. more news of soldiers who’ve laid down their lives. Let’s also give thanks & prayer to the God & Father of the Lord Jesus for those remaining in the fight and for the families of those that have made and are still making those sacrifices. The latest one that I heard of was the brother of a friend of mine, another young soldier.

no more cable tv….


So, we decided to cut the cable out.  A hard decision, believe it or not.  But it’s being proven that we can actually do without it and function…. Ok, so we did subscribe to Netflix which is pretty cool.  And are now watching some of the shows we like, on Hulu , but didn’t really get to watch due to the busyness that life can bring (a good thing I’m finding these days).  Kind of cool, because at night we actually talk a little more than before, without that glaring tube starting at us, interrupting our non-conversation.

from my hubby!


Getting to my room (to fold a pile of laundry, mind you) after a nice, refreshing shower…. Look at what I found on my pillow!  (It was added to a vase I’d picked up some time ago, nice to have around for surprises I guess.)

giving instruction: wk 5 progress report


So my young pupil started out with little motivation today.  I had to give him a little motivator.

Me: “If you read to pg. 25 I’ll let you play a game on the laptop.”

Pupil: “Really?!”

Some concentrated reading……………………………………………… with small interruptions, as you’ll see.

p. 12

Pupil: “I’m almost to 25!

Me: “Yep, you’re almost halfway there!”

Pupil: “But, you know this (our conversation) is wasting my time,” he stated matter-of-factly.

Me: “Well, let’s get reading then.”

p. 16

Pupil: “Page 16!”

p. 19

Pupil: “Page 19!”

p. 21

Me: “Do you think he (character) washed up like he should?”

Pupil: “No.”

SIDE BAR: “Do you know my Mom bought bubbles for the bath? And you can make it colors, too.”

p. 25

***** Finally, he got to play “games” @ for about 10-15 minutes. *****

We continued reading.

He then noticed I was writing and asked, “Are you writing that I’m being good?  Because I am reading.”  I gave no answer.  I let my little Pupil chatter some more, remembering my son when he was 7 years old.  Then I said, “Well, keep reading because I am writing.”

p. 36 “Hmmm! I’m being good and reading!” Some giddy giggling.

Reads on……………………………………………… till he completed the book.  I think our tutoring session ended on a good note and especially for my little Pupil who is showing improvement.

image search: color wheels


So, have you gotten it yet?  I love the colors that came from The Creator, the one true God & father of the man whom they crucified for the salvation of many who believe and will believe.

from my craft table: sneak peak @ REORGANIZATION


Remember my previous post about Getting Organized. Well after some more decoupaging / modPodge, on a journey to REORGANIZATION…. Full steam ahead.

More to come….

image search: decoupage projects TO DO….


Searching for inspiration and motivation, came across this cute project or gift idea and “Oh-my-what-an-easy-and-affordable-project!”  Filed away under “Hope to Do“.

image search: yellow flower


update: yellow toile fabric


From my previous post found in the fabric aisles.  His and hers chair cushions.

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Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight….


Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight….

Through unwise eating habits I once put my body through a vigorous roller coaster ride of non-intentionally making my blood sugars go crazy (up & down & all around)…. Now I must let others know the importance of eating breakfast, a.k.a. “The Most Important Meal of the Day”.  I was advised by my doctor to basically cut out “bad eating habits” (i.e. too many sweets, too much processed fast-foods, & skipping meals).  So, I did after fear of avoidable health concerns loomed in my future.  (There are some things we will just have to go through in life), this was something I could deal with. And do you know what happened?!  After eating breakfast (not an easy task from bad habits) and eating healthier, I lost weight!  I also felt more energized and less fatigued.

Since I’ve been frequenting Panera Bread I came across a nice article among others which are straightforward and to the point.

image search: yellow toile


Toile fabric…..  found from searching through the fabric aisles.








more to come….

get organized: NEeD 2 GeT Organized?


NEeD 2 GeT Organized?


There is something about getting organized…. It clears your head, clears your work/play space, & makes for a happy home for its inhabitants.  In this article @ Woman’s Day I found some great ideas that I hope to incorporate some of these ideas somewhere.

muse: ‘BORED’ games



My son says to me, “I know 2 reasons board games are called board games; #1 is because they’re played on board & #2 is because they’re played when you’re bored.” So, we played Trivia Pursuit Junior…. I won again (from the last time we played) & was accused of cheating (huh :0).  We had fun :).

Scrubbing Bubbles® + Scotch-Brite™ Easy Eraser = CLEAN BATHTUB


not-so-tired-from-scrubbing Happy ME!

Previously on….my hard-to-clean cheap tub-surround. I’d used The Scrubbing Bubbles® Foaming Bathroom Cleaner® before hand.  (Spray and let sit for a few minutes.)  And I’d raved about how well it worked.  So I tried the  Scotch-Brite™ Easy Eraser alone…. Not so much fun :(. So after that & a new curtain liner (they get so grimy which causes allergies, among other things) we come to the winning combo….

Scrubbing Bubbles® Foaming Bathroom Cleaners + Scotch-Brite™ Easy Erasing Pad = happy, clean family &  not-so-tired-from-scrubbing ME!

from my craft table: pillows


When I first started sewing…. I didn’t want to discourage myself so I thought I’d try things with straight lines.

Thus, we have decorative pillows.  My mother, mother-in-law, & grandmothers all sewed & some still do.  I wasn’t much of a seamstress growing up although I do remember my mother teaching me how to sew a pillow closed with a slipstitch.  Even with all of that background it was not until my husband & I married that he bought my first sewing machine.  Suddenly going from a busy single mother to a busy wife & mother did the old past-time hold my  interest.

I was blessed to have been able to share some of the things I’d just learned and was learning with my mother-in-law before she died (to live again) last month. Not only did her encouragement help me, but hearing from my husband, father-in-law & her mother of her own past creative endeavors…. some of which I have to hold and keep.  I hope to see her in the ressurection from the dead when Christ shall come to reward them that love his appearing.

Like anyone who sews knows…. It has been a seam-ripping, finger-poking, re-stitching but exciting adventure! Nonetheless, I am enjoying it.

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giving instruction: update


Days With Frog & Toad

The boy from previous post is a second grader with a history of seizures which are now under control.  His father told me he needed help with reading.  His mother told me of his health history & developement since.   He is advanced in math but slow in reading & writing.  How I love handwriting. There is something just plain simple & awesome about being able to read what someone, or yourself even, wrote!  Well, he is a bright boy.  Happy & pleasantly funny personality, has the light-hearted jokes to prove it.  Well, remember his father said he needed to finish 3 chapter books by eom?  Well, thankfully, we accomplished that last week!

So, I decided to try something different today.  I brought my son along to tonight’s tutoring session, since he enjoys library outings.  My son & my temporary pupil read two pages alternately, which brought great delight to him (my pupil)!  He said, “I am reading much better with him than with you!”  He was, so we kept it up, & finished the entire book to my delight.  My son likes to teach him the tidbits he’s learned also (i.e. short vowel without a silent ‘e’, long vowel with a silent ‘e’….  And surprisingly, my pupil doesn’t mind much an older child teaching him, well, a few things.

Onto handwriting…. Handwriting will be another journey for my young temporary pupil & myself. He now only wants to read.  Better is the patient in spirit, right?

image search: more color wheels


The Basics

More great ways to GET INspired: here are a few creative color wheels

A Beautiful quilt found @ Creative Sewing projects, cute model too =)

This pincushion caddy found @ BurdaStyle studio of Ms. Pretty Please who kindly gave me the pattern via email…. hope to get to this project one day Lord willing.